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Welcome to Flexitank España.

Flexitank España has a long history of offering vertical solutions to customers who require advanced transport of bulk liquids with traditional sea containers.

We are the first highly specialized in containerized bulk services. We offer you our alliance to boost your business with our deeply specific products and services.

We offer high added value processes, engineering of systems specialized in fluids, design of services and specific products for the needs of shippers, consignees, traders or forwarders in their logistic processes, tailored to production and storage.

Innovation and challenges are accomplices of our passion, our Customers.


Whether you are an end producer or a logistics service provider you need a Specialist.

Our specialized packaging, combined with efficient logistics protocols, helps mitigate the impact of the carbon footprint on the environment, while reducing distribution costs.

Flexitank España works hard to professionalize the logistics sector of the conenteralized bulks, developing innovation, passion for logistics and perseverance in the face of constantly evolving production challenges. In a very short time, the proposal has been recognized in the international market for its quality and decisive reliability in logistics as a reference in its field.

NEW OPPORTUNITIES. Today our vision of cooperation with new markets and its strong innovative character, positions Flexitank España as one of the leading proposals in the generation of logistics know-how oriented, towards containerised bulk operations in a Global context.

MADE IN EUROPE FOR THE WORLD. Our products are made in Europe. This means that our Group goes beyond high quality and an excellent end product. Our philosophy is based on a commitment to local producers by helping them to distribute their goods in bulk around the world. This is the key point of connection with the territory and our commitment. Local ethical and cultural values mixed with high performance approaches set the course for success.

ETHICS. The pillars of our business vision are based on an honest and transparent relationship with our partners, customers and the environment. Our motto is "Professional Loyalty".

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Services specialized in the transported goods as well as in their production and logistic processes.

We are ready to help you with your business. We take our clients to a new business point of view to develop profitable businesses that involve mobilizing as much product as possible in each logistics operation, making each shipment profitable.

Our services can help you whatever your needs are. Get to know us and let us offer you real and effective solutions.

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Flexitank Parts

Products of high technological value. R & D that offers the best solutions to our customers, fully adapted products.

With Flexitank España you will have the best products and the best professionals. We create the personalized project that meets to your needs.

We are the first organization to present a specialized strategy in the country, focused on the development of specialized products and services for the containerized bulk logistics industry.

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Yes, it's logistics, but something else we'd like to share with you.

Flexitank España received in 2014 the Official Certification as Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) by the Customs Department and II.EE. of the AEAT within the European scope.

Take benefit of advantages such as customs simplification, greater agility, priority in controls and reduction of inspections.

Our equipment complies with the most demanding regulations ISO-9001/2015, guarantees the European Union CE regulations as well as the American FDA and has other accreditations such as Kosher and Halal.


Bulk + Container

We offer solutions for bulk containment with vertical services in multiple sectors of the supply chain. We are part of the first network specialized in containerized bulk cargos with Flexitanks under worldwide coverage.

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Specific Sectors

We offer vertical services to specific sectors that require an adapted vision that goes beyond the stowage of large format packaging.

transitarios flexitank

Forwarders and Shipping Companies

Specialized services in B2B for the logistics industry. We professionalize the logistics sector of conenteralized bulks, providing quality in the processes and traceability in the transactions. Outsource your services without complications.

vino granel flexitank

Wine producers and Traders

Our Flexitanks are the best option for shipping wine. Our exclusive Flexitank specialized to transport wine incorporates an anti-oxidation barrier that significantly reduces the filtration of oxygen and other contaminants.

Aceite Granel Flexitank

Olive oil producers and Traders

Export or import olive oil in Flexitank. Thanks to our highest quality Flexitank systems, we can offer the best maritime export service, preserving 100% of the product's properties.

Químicos Granel Flexitank

Chemical producers and Traders

Our range of Flexitanks for chemicals allows to transport non-hazardous chemicals in bulk, using standard marine containers, taking full advantage of their load capacity at low cost.