Choose specialized hands.
Professionals to Professionals.

As independent operators we offer you the best specialized services, off-shore, with our own stock and in the most important Spanish ports.

Gain agility, professionalism and reliability in your containerized bulk cargoes.

Immediate services without the need to manage stock, facilities or suppliers.

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Free of bindings

We work independently from manufacturers, shipping lines, depots and terminals. We give support to the main freight forwarders agencies with a versatile service offer, always ensuring the best quality in the systems used and in the operational processes for each project. We have immediate stock in the main ports. Do you prefer special dedicated stock? No problem, we are able to comply with this.

Specialized & multiproduct

We offer customized logistics solutions for the transportation of bulk liquids in Flexitank, solutions for the transportation of solids in Liner systems, thermal insulation services, cargo heating at destination as well as specialized emergency services at terminal premises.

For professionals

We generate procedures and protocols that have been consolidated as an industry standard. All the systems we use to serve our clients meet the most advanced criteria and specifications. In doing so, we already comply with all future globally standardized safety and quality standards.

Our independent approach

With our service you will not be tied to a single option or approach, we offer you freedom to configure services according to your needs, you decide what you need and how to coordinate your providers.


Forget about having low-rotation leveraged stock in distant depots, without supervision or access to its condition. Transform them into on-demand services for your customers and invest the cost of that stock in other more productive and profitable areas.


Our processes, with specialized protocols, have consolidated us as an agile and reliable option. We provide a reactive supplier relationship, fast and profitable, easy to integrate into your service portfolio.

The important thing

Focus on the relationship with your client and the activity of your business files. We offer you one-stop-shop services that will relieve you of the need to manage complex logistics, at really low costs.


Do you need services for food products? Maybe for chemicals? Heat treated? In various ports? Do you want us to offer you the truck service additionally in a pass? Other aspects? You can rely on us.

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Turnkey services tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive solutions from start to finish, from system design or load planning to stock management, supply, installation, certification and coordination between the different actors.

We work with our staff and in our own facilities, all managed under the best protocols that after many years in the market have been established as a standard.

We only work with the best quality in operational systems. We move a large number of units annually and after more than a decade of experience we are able to provide the best service in the market.

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Exceed your expectations
As easy as programming a schedule.


  • Advice on the type of system to be used in relation to the product transported and transit characteristics, loading/unloading infrastructures, etc.
  • Arrangement of coordinating with local loader.
  • Possibility of service with forfait approach: packaing system + fitting service + road transport + stop for fitting included.
  • Immediate availability of stock in the main ports.
  • Dedicated and reserved private stock with 0 additional costs (*Subject to minimum and programming contract).
  • Agile, direct and professional service. Everything within a click's reach.

A new horizon of services close at hand

Servicios Flexitank España
Servicios Flexitank España
Flexitank España servicios asistencia reworking y emergencias

Key services

Supply Versatility

We offer a wide range of products and services to our customers in the logistics industry.


Services for containerized liquid bulks in Flexitanks.

Thermal insulation

Interior lining of containers with insulating materials.


Services for containerized solid bulks in Liners.


Cargo heating systems at destination.

Recycling and waste

We are licensed waste agents with NIMA Code A-10253.

Damage & reworking assistance

Emergency & re-packing service in port terminals.

Filling and emptying assistance

On-premisses assistance to loaders/receivers.

Truck transport

We offer land transport service with competitive all-in approach.

Integrate containerized bulks into your portfolio


Do you have any other questions?


Do you need someone to install a Flexitank or offer you a Flexitank + truck pack in a professional, agile and coordinated way? Do you need stock in several ports, of different models? Do you need exclusively thermal insulation of containers? Any urgent emergency? Then maybe you are thinking of hiring our services. But what are the requirements? Do you have all the information to focus on your business?

Here is the guide of Flexitank España about everything you need to know to open yourself to a new logistics.