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Flexitank & Liner Operators

Flexitank España is a naturally service-oriented company, whether it means services for service companies or end customers. What do we mean by this? That whatever your needs, we can help you.

If you are a producer, if you are an importer/exporter, if you are a freight forwarder and even if you are none of the above but need the support of a deeply specialized and close company, do not hesitate to contact us. We're your perfect partner.

Su departamento Flexitank

Your Flexitank department with all the guarantees.

Highly complex Flexitank shipments must be safely managed by a highly qualified and professional global team through tailor-made solutions.

Under the Flexitank Group network, partner agents, based on stringent membership requirements that maintain high quality standards, safely handle millions of dollars worth of customer loads worldwide.

Pinesa en Flexitank

New business opportunities.
Offer more, offer further.

Today our vision about cooperation with new markets and its strong innovative character, positions Flexitank España as one of the leading proposals in the generation of logistic know-how oriented towards Flexitank operations in a global scope.

Empower your company with new business areas that complement your current product and service portfolio.

Main service areas

We can help you in any phase of the transport chain with the comfort of a specialized, efficient and guaranteed service.

Fitting and coating service

The best professionals with the best protocols. We manage stocks of Flexitanks and Liners with different formats, volumes and finishes.

We design the model you need.

We study the characteristics of the product, the conditions of transport and we manufacture to meet your needs.

Comprehensive advising

Feel free to contact us with any request for features or type of transport.

Document Management

The best document management and coordination between shippers, shipping lines and customs.

Logistics Consultancy

Responding to the challenges of oceanic maritime distribution. Targeted lines, transit times, scales, etc.


With specific coverages for Installation, Merchandise and Transport.

Flexitank España ciclo de servicios

Services Workflow

  • Product design and consulting
  • Customized Stock Management
  • Fitting and coating
  • Loading assistance at the origin
  • Road Transport, customs and shipping
  • Recycling at destination
  • Surveyoring
  • Re-working and emergency assistance at terminal facilities

We speak in your business language

You have a project and you don't know how to start? Don't worry, we have the experience, contact us or request a proposal with the information you have available.

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