Logistics in complex conditions

We provide our specialized systems in high added value projects supporting NGO's, Governmental, Civil Protection, Humanitarian or Defense activities.

Our main asset is our know-how, applicable to a wide variety of projects with demanding clients. Our solutions often include flexible bulk structures designed for emergency situations or situations requiring high mobility and modularity.

Our products and services are perfectly adapted to the complex needs of logistics for civil protection, disaster relief as well as field operations.

Advanced Bulk Logistics

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Assorted & Versatile

We offer a variety of storage systems and logistics solutions to serve the most demanding needs, even adapted to areas with poor or non-existent infrastructure.

Results delivered to meet performance standards determined by our customers. Our solutions are based on flexible and resistant structures, aimed at transporting both food and conventional bulk materials to areas that are difficult to access.

Under this prism, our products and services are perfectly adapted to the complex needs of logistics for Civil Protection, Disaster Management as well as Campaign Manoeuvres.

Our clients call us when they need:

  • Use flexible structures for liquid or solid charge.
  • Systems that must be agile and mobile in case of natural disasters or any other emergency.
  • Technical or operational advice in our areas of specialization.

We provide solutions that cover complex needs, in a reactive and effective way.

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Civil and Humanitarian Protection

Mobility and agility are priority concerns in a rapidly changing and sometimes uncontrolled world.

Our clients require powerful and reliable solutions to carry out missions in complex conditions. These solutions must be deployed quickly. The equipment must be lightweight and multi-purpose. To achieve this goal, we provide systems with a unique approach that focus all the constraints related to mobility.

This end-to-end strategy is very important for teams which plan the logistics aspects in case of emergency or humanitarian actions.

We have a wide range of systems for the storage and supply of fluids. The most used solutions as flexible tanks are those concerning water (potable or waste), effluents and other products.

Ask us about your proposal, we will help you access a fully integrated solution that meets your supply and storage tank needs. All these solutions consider the requirements of mobility and agility for operations, essential to be efficient in cases of emergency.

The power of water, anywhere

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Systems for fire extinction

Fire fighting Flexitanks are specially designed for water storage for fire fighting, are pillow shaped, foldable, lightweight, can be easily transported and assembled.

They are used in forests, in hazardous industrial areas, in rural districts and generally for fire protection. They are the ideal solution for temporary or emergency storage in areas with difficult access.

They offer the following advantages:

  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Compact (foldable to 5% of total volume)
  • High resistance to weather conditions
  • Reduced evaporation of stored liquid
  • Protection of the stored liquid
  • Custom-made

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Systems for Water Potable and Greywater

We have a range of Flexitanks specially designed for water.

These folding water tanks are mobile and can be transported by any means of transport such as trailers, containers, helicopters, airplanes...

We have also in our catalog flexible thermal tanks designed to be used for fire fighting. They are used to provide a water supply for firefighters near a hazardous site.

These flexible water tanks provide the following benefits, such as:

  • Low evaporation
  • High weather resistance
  • Quick installation
  • Easy and minimum maintenance
  • afety in use
  • Compact when empty (flexible)
  • Custom-made

We offer a wide range of flexible tanks suitable for fluids other than water. Please contact our sales department for more information.

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Do you need to assist with water or other products in a logistical deployment? Do you require that the load can be positioned in a difficult to access area? Do you need that the solutions cover mobility and agility requirements? Do you need that these systems are foldable, lightweight, can be easily transported and assembled at destination? Do you require that they have a high temperature treatment for fire fighting? Then perhaps you are thinking of hiring our services. But what are the requirements? Do you have all the information to focus your business?
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