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Flexitank España has a large number of customers who export and import various qualities of edible oil in bulk, including extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to the top quality Flexitank systems we work with, we offer the best way to transport oil in bulk, preserving 100% of the product's properties.

Transport olive oil, sunflower oil, palm oil and a large number of food oils such as fatty acids and other products.

Years of experience and thousands of tons transported are our guarantee. Export more, further, for less.

Advanced Bulk Logistics

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The Flexitank brings a number of significant commercial benefits, from increasing product life to reducing transport costs by nearly 40%.

Value-adding technology

Our exclusive Flexitank specialized in food oils and fats can incorporate an antioxidation barrier, which significantly reduces the filtration of oxygen or other taintnants. This technology provides a lower evolution of the product during its transport minimizing its rancidity, eliminating unwanted odors and flavors.

Agile and easy process

We offer you a totally specialized service, with a one-stop shop, where you in direct contact with your account manager will have total control of the evolution of your bulk exports, as agile as easy.

See why companies choose to save

The logistics of edible oils and fats in bulk brings a number of significant commercial benefits, from increasing product shelf life to reducing transport costs by more than 40%.

Transport costs

In the case of olive oil, a standard 20' container has a capacity of approximately 15,000 bottles with 1-litre volume (0.916 kg/bottle - 13,740 kg in total), while a standard Flexitank transports in bulk the equivalent of a volume of about 24,000 bottles of oil. With Flexitank, more goods transported per trip, lower transport costs.

Olive Oil, life expectancy

The containerized bulk transport postpones the moment of bottling and therefore the beginning of the life of the oil or fat. This benefits retailers because the entire shelf life is stored in the country of sale.

Less damages

Damages to the bottles (during filling, loading, transport and unloading) as well as errors in labelling (which in certain countries is very complex) are reduced when the product is filled closer to the point of distribution.

Supply flexibility

It implies more room for manoeuvre and flexibility to respond to a quick growth in customer orders, more agility in the capacity to generate promotions and pre-/post-seasonal campaigns during the year.

Advanced Bulk Logistics at the service of edible oils or fats

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High technology for a great service.

Thanks to advances in Flexitank technology and quality protocols, edible oils or fats transported in bulk can arrive in better conditions than oils or fats bottled at origin.

Improvements in materials have significantly reduced the incidence of oxidation and tainants of bulk oils or fats.

Our exclusive Flexitank specialized in oils and fats incorporates an anti-rust barrier that significantly reduces the filtration of oxygen or other contaminants, protecting with a lower evolution of the product during its transport minimizing rancidity and eliminating unwanted odors or flavors.

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Offer more, further, at a lower costs

In the case of edible oils, Spain is one of the world's leading producers. The Olive Oil sector in particular, with its oils under the Denomination of Origin, provides an official distinction recognized worldwide that distinguishes these agri-food products with a differentiated quality.

For these and other top quality products and other derived products, we offer logistics services that meet the expectations of the transported goods. We are a reference in the sector and in the country, deeply understanding the particularities of each product and its business.

Our global partner's network ensures that practices and protocols are subject to strict quality metrics. These are based on experience, both in the product and in the knowledge of the local territory where the services are performed.

We add value to the product by delivering with excellence an excellent product.

The best service for your bulks

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See the difference against other obsolete bulk formats

Our Flexitank systems are specially designed to optimize the logistics supply chain. They are particularly versatile in their design possibilities to adapt to match the various natures of the products transported.

Our designs for oils and fatty products have opened a new dimension in the marketing of these products in their markets, providing agility and versatility at low costs. This has allowed us to promote a leading sector in the world markets.

Below we will detail the main advantages over other formats that are being discontinued over time:

Advantages over the ISO-Tank:

  • Immediate availability of equipment.

    Our Flexitank, installed in any standard 20' sea container of any maritime line, provides a high availability of equipment.

  • Hygiene

    Flexitank equipment is single-use and guarantees hygiene in the transported products, especially sensitive ones such as foodstuffs.

  • Lowest Freight Rates

    Flexitanks travel in standard shipping containers with one-way shipments approach. Once the containers arrive at their destination and are unloaded, they are returned to the shipping line and assigned to other cargoes. This does not require expensive and complex equipment returns.

Advantages over Barrels or IBC's

  • Logistics Cost

    In a Flexitank we can introduce many more liters than in IBC's and barrels, achieving a better use of the space in the container. The potential of the transported payload can be improved by up to 40%.

  • Handling and stock costs

    To load a Flexitank we only need one person, instead count how many people and resources are involved in the handling and packaging of your production with barrels and IBC's. With Flexitank there is no need to have stock of expensive containers as in the case of barrels and IBC's that additionally take up space, generate cost leverage and imply a higher management.

Aislamiento Flexitank

Transport in perfect conditions.
Thermal improvements during transit time.

Our thermal assistance services will provide with solutions related to the behaviour of the product in the face of thermal changes during the voyage.

We have thermal insulation systems that offer a compensation for both the hot peaks and cold valleys related to the strong hot days or cold nights depending on the routes and times of the year in which the goods are transported.

This ensures an optimal temperature range for the preservation of the oligoleptic properties of these food oils, especially olive, sunflower, coconut and palm oil.

On other occasions (or additionally) thermal assistance is required at the destination to unload the product. Given the nature of these oils or fats, their melting point is low and they usually solidify (especially in cold seasons) during transit. For these scenarios we have specialized heating equipment that liquefies the goods prior to the unloading processes.

Learn more about our thermal services...

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