Containerized chemical bulks.
Reliability, from experience.

At Flexitank España we are very proud of our deep knowledge about the sector. Our sales teams, thanks to their great experience and professionalism, know perfectly the products and markets with which we work. This experience makes us the most suitable to help you with your queries and needs.

Our services are fully accredited, so you can rely on us to get intermodally the best bulk chemical logistics services you need, reliably and competitively. Our line of chemical flexitanks allows you to safely transport liquids and non-hazardous chemicals in bulk within sea containers.

We offer you the best logistics option for the transport of non-hazardous chemicals in bulk, in containers and intermodally.

Advanced Bulk Logistics

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Bulk + Intermodality

Improve your processes, serve your products faster, go further. All at a better cost. The intermodal use of our systems to transport containerized bulk cargo has become very popular in recent times, find out why.

Optimize your logistics with bulks

Innovation at the service of the logistics supply chain. State-of-the-art engineering combined with adapted logistic processes stand out notably within the operational supply chain context.

Tailored to your needs

We advise you on the systems that best fit the product to be transported within our wide range of Flexitanks and Liners. Additionally, we integrate logistics consultancy with the routes that favour the conservation of the product.

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You need Professionals

The logistics of containerized chemical bulks involves some complexity, especially in the management of service protocols.

While all products have their complexity, chemical goods require greater attention to their technical characteristics. It is really important to take these properties into account when making their composition compatible with good practice and good use of the systems.

There are many factors that make it worthy to choose a specialized professional service, we will highlight some of them:

Top quality Flexitank

Always the highest quality in the systems used


Trained and experienced installation staff


We supervise the quality of the services provided.

Container selection

Careful screening of the service containers.


Exigent coordination between the various sections of the logistics chain.

Design of safe routes

Routes according to, for example, thermal or transit time factors.

In-plant assistance

Support to the customer's plant personnel for filling/emptying.

Environmental Management

We offer waste recycling service once unloaded at destination.

Flexitank España KnowHow

Product Know-How

Our wide experience in the analysis of product compatibility with the different systems of our catalogue, during all these years in which we have worked specialized in this sector, distinguishes us in our technical and professional expertise.

Flexitank España specialises in the design of specialised bulk logistics for full container. We provide the only network dedicated to bulk loads in Flexitank, offering the power of an excellent service, with immediate availability of equipment and competitiveness, unrivalled in the cost/tonne ratio of goods transported.

We design for you the Flexitank or Liner system that best suits the fundamental characteristics of the transported goods such as their density and/or viscosity, allowing you to carry the maximum payload per trip, using the maximum capacity of the container.

The transport of goods in bulk has become a very popular mode of transport thanks to its cost-effectiveness.

More and more customers are choosing to make use of this flexible, affordable and efficient transport solution. We move your bulk cargo around the world.

The best choice for your non-hazardous chemicals

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See the difference in comparison to other obsolete bulk formats

Our Flexitank systems are specially designed to optimize the logistics supply chain. They are perfectly configurable in their design possibilities to adapt to the different natures of the products transported.

Our designs for non-hazardous chemicals have opened a new dimension in the commercialization of these products in their markets, bringing agility and versatility at low costs. This has allowed us to promote a leading sector in the world markets.

Below we will detail the main advantages over other formats that are being discontinued over the course of time:

Advantages compared to ISO-Tanks:

  • Immediate availability of equipment.

    Our Flexitank, when installed in standard 20' equipment of any maritime line, the availability of equipment is always high.

  • Hygiene

    Flexitank equipment is for single use only. This guarantees the hygiene of the products transported, especially sensitive products such as chemical products that can react to traces of other products previously transported.

  • Lowest Freight Rates

    Flexitanks travel in standard sea freight containers with one-way shipments. Once the containers arrive at their destination and are unloaded, they are returned to the shipping line and are assigned to other cargoes. This does not require expensive and complex equipment returns.

Advantages compared to Barrels or IBC's

  • Logistics Cost

    In a Flexitank we can introduce many more litres than in IBC's and barrels, achieving a better use of the space in the container. The potential of the transported payload can be improved by up to 40%.

  • Handling and stock costs

    To fill a Flexitank we only need one operator, instead take into account how many people and resources are involved in the handling and packaging of your production with barrels and IBC's. With Flexitank there is no need to have stock of expensive containers as in the case of barrels and IBC's that additionally take up space, generate cost leverage and imply a higher management.

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Compatible products

Flexitank España ships your non-hazardous chemicals in bulk in a safe, efficient and competitive manner.

We have an extensive catalogue of Flexitank systems as well as complementary products that offer coverage to a wide range of non-hazardous goods, attending to physical and behavioural peculiarities. Below we list some of them:

  • Glycerin
  • Lubricants and other petroleum products
  • Biodiesel
  • Concrete additives
  • Printing inks
  • Detergents
  • Processed oils
  • Latex
  • Silicones
  • Plasticizers
  • Glycol
  • Water-based paints
  • Shampoos / Conditioners
  • Lanolin
  • Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Others...

Please, if you do not see your product in the list, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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Do you need advice on the possibility of containerising your exported or imported production? Are you a producer who wants to move from bags, BigBags, barrels, IBC's ISO-Tanks to full containerisation with Flexitank or Liner? Do you have a production plant and are you considering how to adapt your infrastructure to exports or imports in Flexitank or Liner? Then perhaps you are thinking of contracting our services. But which are the requirements? Do you have all the information to focus your business?

Here is Flexitank España's guide to everything you need to know to start a new era in logistics.