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Containerized bulk logistics is becoming a widespread alternative to bottling at origin, as its commercial and environmental advantages are more widely understood and technology and regulations are improved.

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Advanced Bulk Logistics

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The Flexitank brings a number of significant commercial benefits, from increasing product life time to reducing transport costs by around 40%.

Technology that adds value

Our exclusive Flexitank, specialized in wine, incorporates an EVOH barrier, which significantly reduces the filtration of oxygen or other contaminants such as naphthalene or TCA, ensuring a lower evolution of the product during transport by eliminating unwanted odors or flavors.


The environment takes benefit from a large reduction in CO2 emissions as a result of increasing bulk logistics, which has saved more than 20,000 tonnes of CO2 each year - equivalent to taking out from the road more than 6,000 cars.

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Containerised bulk wine logistics brings a number of significant business benefits, from increasing product shelf life to reducing transport costs by around 40%.

Transport costs

A standard 20' container can hold 16,000 bottles with 0.75 litre (equivalent to 12,000 litres). A standard Flexitank can carry a volume of 24,000 litres in bulk (equivalent to 32,000 bottles with 0.75 litre - double as much as packaging). This means more wine transported per trip and therefore lower transport costs.

Life of the wine

Bulk transport postpones the moment of bottling and therefore the start of the wine's life. This benefits retailers because the entire shelf life is spent in the country of sale.

Less damages

The damages to the bottles (during filling, loading, transport and unloading) as well as errors in labelling (which in certain countries is very complex) are reduced when the product is bottled closer to the point of destination.

Supply flexibility

It implies a broad range of possibilities and flexibility to respond to a customer orders growth, more capacity to generate promotions as well as pre-/post-seasonal campaigns.

Advanced Bulk Logistics at the service of Wine

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Top technology for a great service.

Thanks to advances in Flexitank technology and quality protocols, the wine transported in bulk can arrive in better conditions than wine bottled at origin.

Improvements in Flexitank materials have significantly reduced the incidence of oxidation and tainting of bulk wine.

Our exclusive Flexitank specialized in wine incorporates an EVOH barrier, which significantly reduces the filtration of oxygen or other taints such as naphthalene or TCA, ensuring a lower evolution of the product during transport, eliminating unwanted odors or flavors.

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Thermal improvements during transit time.
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Temperature stability has been shown to improve with bulk shipping, since a single larger volume of liquid has a higher thermal inertia than a smaller one.

This means that bulk wine sent by sea is less susceptible to be affected by temperature variations than wine sent in bottles.

See in addition our Coating-Isolation services for standard sea containers which help to provide an insulating supplement as thermal reinforcement.

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Keep the chain green

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Respect for the environment

A growing number of producers, retailers and brand owners are now turning to bulk importation as a way of meeting their environmental and commercial objectives.

Bulk wine logistics in containers is increasingly seen as a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to bottling at origin. It can reduce CO2 emissions and meet consumers' concerns about environmental impact.

Reciclable Ambiental

Completely recyclable

Our Flexitank is made from fully recyclable materials such as 100% virgin polyethylene or polypropylene. The steel bulkheads which protect the container doors are additionally reusable. Please ask for our Flexitank removal and recycling services at destination, they can be provided on many of the routes offered.

Establish a difference as an ecologically responsible company by supporting environmental policies which promote sustainability, optimizing processes reducing costs.

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