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Our liners are an effective solution for solid bulk transport.
These are the advantages of using our liner for containers:
  • Optimal protection against the dust
  • Specifications exactly according to customer needs
  • Installation by qualified professionals
  • Optimal use of the capacity of the conainer
  • By installing various accessories such as hooks, eyelets, rubber, etc. the fixing of the liner in the container is guaranteed
We offer an integral service to the industrialist. If you require the installation of flexitank, its’ filling of liquids and, if it’s required, at your facilities, we can help you.
Do you need to send your products door to door to any of your customers? No problem, we can offer it. Think about the posibility of carefree sending liquids to any of your customers. We manage completely the whole process, from the installation to the filling and even the traffic, leaving you more time for your own work. This will be a very beneficial decision.
Ask to any of our professionals about the most interesting way to optimize and to make stronger your business.
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